Saturday, July 31, 2010


There are a lot of things I like about yardsaling. The bargains, obviously. But it's also a chance to get out and about, venture into other neighborhoods, see other houses, meet people. I especially like estate sales, where you can walk through the house and pick from among items displayed or in situ. I always wonder about the lives lived in those houses.

No estate sales today, but did get a few great items:

Genuine Tupperware measuring cups. I spied these babies and picked them up. I think they were $1.00. I always need measuring cups. And I've been studying on Tupperware lately. I do not, however, know their vintage.

I saw the Scottie dog purse and had to get it. It's not vintage, but I know this plaid with the Scottie was popular back in the day, just not sure what "day." It came with a little coin purse too. Fun.
The purses are on the stool to the best buy of the day, the dressing table. I've been wanting one. Again, not vintage, but $15.oo for the whole thing! I couldn't walk away from that. We can always do something to make it fit in with whatever decor we choose down the line.

The mirror needs to be reattached. Nothing hubby can't handle. Otherwise, it's in good shape.

Does anyone like pictures of themselves? I'll spare you the apologies for the goofy picture. But check out the apron. That's vintage. I got it and 4 others off ebay this week. I'd say they are 40's-50's, some homemade, some maybe not. I'm no expert.

So grand total for today's yardsale finds: $17.00--I also bought a couple short sleeved tops not shown here 2 for $1.00.

The aprons cost me $12.42 including shipping. I'm pretty certain you can't' get a single half apron for that retail. I would, however, like to learn to make my own. That's a topic for another time. Have a great weekend!