Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mishaps of the Modern Working Wife

Ever have one of those mornings where nothing goes right? This morning I woke up around 6, pretty good for me lately. I was starving and wanted a bowl of cereal with blueberries. Well, my organic non-homogenized, merely pasteurized, not ultra-pasteurized, milk had gone sour because I left it out on the counter for several hours a couple days ago in my mad dash for work, having typically overslept. To add to this misfortune, I yet again had to have a Folger's Single (thank God I had them!) instead of my freshly percolated french roast, though not expensive, ground coffee, because despite several trips to the store, I forgot to buy some, again.

I decided to have toast, and discovered that the bread bag had been melted to the top of the toaster oven when I had apparently used it for something else, leaving the bag of bread on top. Interestingly enough, the bag was also sealed shut by having been melted, so there was a bonus. The hunt for the jelly was on because I never got around to cleaning out the refridgerator this weekend.

My life is chaos, and I'm sick to death of it. So, as I finish my Folger's Single with Silk soymilk, no sugar added, I plan to log off and go to my Housekeeper's Planner, this one care of, to make a shopping list and try to structure what time I do have so I no longer have to suffer these indignities.

Hope your day has started out better than mine!



  1. if you get a piece of paper or notepad and put it somewhere conspicuous then every time you run out of something, you write it on the list - and then you'll never forget the coffee again... I think having not good coffee is one of my nightmares

  2. I had one of those. I lost it, lol!

    There is some excuse for the chaos around here; we've been in major clean up mode, but got stalled by summer colds. Time to get back to work!

    Thanks for the advice.