Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekday Luddite and Time to Think

The rather obvious companion to the Weekend Luddite is the Weekday Luddite. Mr. Engels tries to avoid technology before breakfast and after dinner. His job like mine requires he sit in front of a computer all day--I need a term for not surfing the net or checking personal email during work hours.

Lately, being a Weekday Luddite has not been too hard to accomplish. You see, we've decided to put our house on the market, so most of this week after some decompression time and dinner, I've tried to do laundry and start packing up books and things we can put in storage. Then before bed, I might noodle on the computer some. Again the aim is to get back in touch with my life, my husband, my cats, etc.

The impending move is daunting and exciting at the same time. There's not a lot in the way of furniture that we intend to take with us, so this will give me a great opportunity to start with a clean slate and decorate at least part of a new house in 1950's style. We have many ideas already for the kitchen. Probably a red and white motif, formica table, red banquette, probably white appliances with red counters trimmed in crome. DH is totally on board with this idea. I've seen one vintage fridge on ebay, so I know there'll be more. And this site:
gives me plenty of ideas, though I fear they are well out our price range.

I've been researching vintage kitchens. Flikr has some great old adverts for linoleum floors and appliances and countertops that feature 1950's kitchen styles that are fun to look at to get ideas.

Sooooo I haven't been an entirely successful Weekend/Weekday Luddite, but it's a start. At least my internet time is more focused now--on decorating ideas for our eventual new home.

And now, packing and laundry beckon. I think I'll see what Pandora has in the way of 50's music while I pack.

So until next time . . . .


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