Thursday, July 29, 2010

A few of my favorite things.

I've been thinking about my blog a lot. I don't think I want to blog only about my 1950's hobby. I think it will be a big part of what I blog about, as it's a hobby I'm passionate about, but I think it was to restrictive for me. The kinds of things I like to read and write about are varied, and I don't want to have to have a blog for every other interest, so this blog will be a jumble. A mixture, a potpouri, a chronicle of this messy life (lived hopefully in a clean house).

So here are a few of my favorite things:

Our chickens. Here are Darla and Frankie, an Aracana and Rhode Island Red. Darla was handraised by someone else, and is very spoiled!

We got Frankie from a local farm where she was a laying hen in an operation with several hundred others. The other two are our newest chickens, Red and Blondie, another RIR and we think Blondie is a Buff Cochin; she has fluffy, feathery feet. They have both grown so much in the week since this picture as taken.
Now in all the excitement of the two new additions, no one, meaning Frankie, has laid any eggs. Darla has yet to lay for us and we've had her for months. She apparently doesn't think we are worthy. We are not keeping her in the manner to which she had been accustomed. Harumph!
The two new girls have a couple months to go probably before they begin to lay, although the way Blondie is filling out, she may be ready sooner. She's going to be a beautifully fluffy bird.

Long before I ever had chickens, I've had a thing about eggs! I just think they are the coolest objects in the world. I love their shape. I'm fascinated by them. I collect them, both real and whimsical.
In the red glass dishes are some eggs my mother-in-law had collected as well as shells I've collected. Every spring when songbirds hatch out, I or my husband find these shells in the yard. I must have them, so we put them in one of these dishes. I found the nest at my mother's house. It had fallen out of a shrub, one egg lay on the ground, broken, the other lay nearby. The egg was cold; I knew there was no saving it, so I took the nest and egg home with me. Alas, the egg in the nest today is a substitute. Something ate the egg out of the nest. I had it on my porch and it went unmolested for months, until recently.
I simply love the salt and pepper shakers, especially the whole egg ones. Eggs just make me giddy! I cannot explain it.
Our cat Autumn was snoozing on the window sill as I was taking pictures of the eggs. I'm sure cats will be featured here on more than one occasion. We have 3 and they are our children. They are disgustingly spoiled and run the household. Herself is the Princess.

I don't remember precisely where the milk bottle came from. I think my mother and step-father picked it up somewhere. It says Burke Dairy on it. Burke being my maiden name, I thought the bottle worth keeping. It also takes me back to my adolescence when a friend's family still had milk delivered in bottles by the milkman. I was fascinated by this, since we didn't have a milkman in our neighborhood. The milk at my friend's seemed to taste so much better!
The little glass bottles were creamers that were served at a seafood restaurant down the street 30-50 years ago. They were dug up in our yard. You see, my yard used to be my husband's grandfather's hog farm, and his grandfather used to to feed his hogs the garbage (better word than swill?) from the restaurant. So buried all over the yard were these creamers, forks, foil crab shells they made devilled crab in, etc. These creamers harken back to a time--I want to say when things were less disposable, but apparently not; however, these could have been reused . . . . and probably often were.

Well, so here goes, a new direction for the blog. Of course the vintage stuff will be displayed as appropriate. The best thing is that I now have some much needed distractions from the stresses of work, which I've needed desperately for the last 5 years. So welcome. Check it out. Chime in. Chill out. And Ciao for now.

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