Monday, July 5, 2010

Not a circle skirt among them, doh!

Finally dusted off my digital camera. Here are some pictures of the vintage dresses I have gotten over the last month.

The first 3 I found on ebay. I believe they were all homemade in the 1950's. The turquoise dress needs pressing and starching and will look gorgeous. It came all shiney and crisply starched, but had that musty smell, so I had to wash it. It has a great matching fabric belt with a rose on it.

The second dress has a matching fabric belt and navy buttons.

The third is a 1950's scooter dress. I'm not wild about the yoke, but love the dropped waist and the fabric. I found the converse sneakers this weekend. They are not vintage, but don't they go perfectly? (Actually, they go with the previous dress too!) A friend on the shopping trip said, "Those rock! You have to take them home with you." And so I did.

Of these three I've only worn the scooter dress so far. The other two don't fit quite right, but I'm trying to drop a few pounds. If they still don't fit, then I'll probably sell them to the vintage store. Knowing one's measurements is very helpful, especially when you can't hold the dress up and look at it. I can often tell if something will fit when I can look at it in the store and don't have time to try it on, but ordering off ebay's another matter altogether.

Saving the best for last, the red one is a shiney atomic print day dress with cuffed sleeves and fabric covered buttons. It originally had a belt, but the belt was not included. I found it in a vintage shop in a bin for $5.00. Yay! It fits like a dream, and I got several compliments on it when I wore it last week.


  1. Awesome finds! What vintage stores are you shopping at? I need to take a look!

  2. The first three were ebay, but the red dress was at Civvies in a markdown bin. They didn't know what they had!