Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Can Only Speak for Myself

To say I've grown weary of politics is an understatement. Despite whatever I believe about the current administration and its policy decisions and agenda, no matter what corroborating evidence I can come up with, there's too much vitriolic opposition out there. I won't say I'm in full retreat and have given up, but frankly my energies need focusing on my own personal life and situations at the moment. However, some observations about our country and our culture at large inform my current focus.

I think there's way too much emphasis in this country on what we have and on spending money. In my middle age, I'm looking toward retirement and old age. What are my plans? What is essential to quality of life? Food, shelter, health, reasonable security. I don't plan to be rich and retire to the islands. I have family, friends, church and other community--these are proven to improve quality of life--I don't want to pull up stakes and leave these, I want to live more fully into them.

I'd prefer to spend less and save more while meeting my daily, monthly, yearly needs. Do I need more stuff than my house can hold? I want to focus on quality. Perhaps it's my Yankee roots, but I hate paying retail. It's so grossly inflated and you are paying for the store's overhead--far better to buy second-hand, recycle, reuse, repurpose. I don't care what the label says or what everyone else is wearing for the most part. I've learned that true class has nothing to do with such things. What about creativity? What about gratitude for the things I do have?

Got some major life changes ahead, not the least of which is a move in the near future. We will be deciding what to take and what to leave behind on every level. I'm scared, but I'm also excited.


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